Elected Officials

Commissioners Manage the business affairs of the county. 570-325-3611
Controller Serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the County. 570-325-2756
Coroner Investigates and determines the cause and manner of death for all deaths coming under the jurisdiction of the Coroner's Office. 570-249-4992
District Attorney Enforces the criminal laws of the State of Pennsylvania. 570-325-2718
Recorder of Deeds Manages the recording of important documents and transactions. 570-325-2651
Sheriff Primary responsibility is the security of the Court of Common Pleas. 570-325-2821
Treasurer Responsible for the deposit and dispersal of county funds. 570-325-2251
Prothonotary   570-325-2481 
Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts staff is responsible for the filing and maintaining the pledging of the records of all criminal proceedings.

Register of Wills   570-325-2261