NOTE: This list is not inclusive of every requirement for every document.

 (Documents must be in English or include English translation)

  2. Carbon County accepts recordings by mail, in person at our office and by E-Recording. OUR E-RECORDING PARTNER IS CSC.
  3. All documents pertaining to real estate require a Uniform Parcel Identifier (UPI) before recording. CALL ASSESSMENT OFFICE at 570-325-5254.
  4. DATE on the document MUST be the same or before the date of the acknowledgement.
  5. NAMES listed as the grantors, signatures, and the acknowledgements must be exactly the same. Those names should be the same as the prior deed grantee or an explanation for the discrepancy needs to be stated. (EXAMPLE: CANNOT BE- John Allen Smith, as grantee on prior deed, then be John A. Smith or John Allen Smith, Jr., etc. as grantor on new deed. Must be John Allen Smith throughout the new document).
  6. A FAMILY TRANSFER statement, (Mother to children) must be typed on deed, if NOT paying transfer taxes. See #9 concerning Statement of Values.
  7. MUNICIPALITY (Township or Borough) should be stated above the metes and bounds description (legal description) and on the top, under the parcel number and property location. Multiple localities must state the percentages of divisions for local realty transfer taxes (via Statement of Value see #9).
  8. DEEDS, EASEMENTS, MORTGAGES, RELEASE OF MORTGAGES AND ASSIGNMENTS MUST have a Mailing Address Certification and must be signed: This address tells the Tax Assessment Office where to send the Property Tax bills.
  9. A PENNSYLVANIA STATEMENT OF VALUE (SOV) (REV-183) is required by the state anytime you are not paying the full market value for Realty Transfer Taxes. Form must be filled out completely and is required in duplicate, but is not counted in page count. All Trusts require a SOV. Easements require a SOV (unless they are a public utility). A SOV is required when transferring from an Estate (unless full taxes are being paid) Fillable form and instructions at: Forms and Publications>Forms for Individuals>Realty Transfer Tax Forms.
  10. COMMON LEVEL RATIO. Use the Common Level Ratio Factor for the year your document is dated. For factors prior to 5 years, call our office at 570-325-2651. Chart Link Here
  11. CASH, PERSONAL CHECK, BUSINESS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER payable to: CARBON COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS for the EXACT recording fee amount. You can find the Carbon County Fees at Recorder of Deeds/Fee Schedule. Any incorrect amounts for recording fees will be returned and a $5.00 rejection fee will be charged per document.
  12. SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE must accompany all recordings mailed to the office. This envelope is to send the recorded documents back to you or the appropriate recipient. If you have a mail box in our office, please pick up your recorded documents at least once a week.
  13. ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE: Reference documents must have the Book/Page number of original documents and list the last assignment book/page reference or state how the signing company obtained the mortgage, if original lender is not signing.
  14. RELEASES OF MORTGAGE: Can reference no more than one mortgage. (no blanket documents will be accepted for recording).
  15. SATISFACTION PIECES: Can list ONLY one mortgage, unless it is a re-recording, or state how the satisfying company obtained the mortgage.
  16. SALES AGREEMENTS: Are required to have the complete address of the buyer and the seller listed.
  17. All Re-Recordings must have a New Acknowledgement.
  18. LABEL multiple documents when recording in a batch. (POA, Deed, Mortgage, etc.) to assure they get recorded in the proper recording order.
  19. NOTARY section should be filled out in full:
  • VENUE: State and County filled in correctly. (This is where the notarial act is taking place).
  • Date of the acknowledgment should be on or after the execution date of the document.
  • Original signatures are required to be on the document and in blue or black ink. The name(s) in the acknowledgment must be spelled correctly and be exactly the same as the Grantors. Name of signor, title and company are required to be typed under the signature line and in the acknowledgment.
  • Notary’s Commission expiration date must be current and the stamp must be legible.

*Remote Online Notarization (RON) is acceptable, ONLY DURING A DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY*


 Pennsylvania law requires notarial acts to be performed in the physical presence of the notary officer. This means that under normal circumstances, a Recorder’s Office is not authorized to accept documents notarized by remote online notarization (RON). However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, The Carbon County Recorder of Deeds office will temporarily accept e-notary and remote online notarization. A document notarized per RON must reference in the notary certificate that the “notarial act involved the use of communication technology”. Mailed (paper) documents must be properly certified and stamped following the procedures outlined in the PA state legislation: (please refer to page 55 lines 14-18).