Carbon County Prescription Discount Card Program

Carbon County has entered into a two-year contract with Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc. to provided a Carbon County Prescription Discount Card Program at no cost to Carbon County or to the users of the discount card.

The County's responsibility is to get the Carbon County Prescription Discount Card into the hands of Carbon County residents for their immediate use at a local retail pharmacy, or for maintenance medications through a mail order process. The county is enlisting the assistance of partner agencies to act as distribution centers for the card.

Click here to see participating card distribution agencies


How Do I Enroll?

There is no enrollment process. Just pick up one card for the entire family and present the card at a participating pharmacy (more than 50,000 nationwide) with your prescription or refill. The Carbon County Prescription Discount Card is FREE!

How Much Will I Save?

You can save between 10% and 40% on your prescriptions, including brand names, generic and mail order for a 90-day supply. There are no limits on how many times you may use your Carbon County Prescription Discount Card.

Am I Eligible?

There are no age requirements, no health requirements, no claim forms, no waiting periods, no residency requirements or any other hindrance to using the card. You do not have to be eligible for Medicare or any other government sponsored prescription program.

Can I Use the Card with Other Benefit Plans or Insurance?

NO, it can not be used in conjunction with other plans, for example, to get a discount on co-pays. However, it can be used if your plan has a maximum amount that is covered and you are above that amount. The card could then be used to get a discount. Also, if the prescribed medication is not included in the formulary for your prescription plan, the card can be used to get a discount.

Do I Need a Card for Each Family Member?

One card will cover the entire family. It must be presented each time you request a prescription to be filled or refilled when you pay for your prescribed medication

Click here to view a complete list of participating Carbon County pharmacies.