Do You Have Medicare?

Some people with Medicare may qualify to save 75% off their Part D/Prescription Drug costs through the "Extra Help" Program.

Carbon County Veterans Affairs and the state APPRISE Program are teaming up to make sure you and your loved ones who have Medicare know about a federal program called "Extra Help" with Medicare Part D.

Extra Help can save eligible people an average of $3,900 a year. This is because people who participate qualify for 1) no monthly premium for Part D coverage and 2) limited co-payments for each prescription filled.

If your countable income is less than $1,361/month for a single individual and $1,839/month for a married couple, you may qualify. Not all income is counted.

Please call (800)866-1807 or (800)441-1315 for free, confidential information and assistance from the Commonwealth's APPRISE Program about Extra Help!

Note: There is no cost for APPRISE's help or for enrollment into the Extra Help program. People who qualify for Extra Help may also qualify for help with their Medicare Part B monthly premium, a savings of over $1,150 a year.

Please share this with any friends or family members who have Medicare so that they too can take advantage of Extra Help!