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Elected Officials

Manage the business affairs of the county.


Serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the County .


Investigates any death that does not occur from natural causes.


District Attorney
Enforces the criminal laws of the State of Pennsylvania.


Recorder of Deeds
Manages the recording of important documents and  transactions.


Responsible for law enforcement services in the unincorporated areas of the county.


Responsible for the deposit and dispersal of county funds.


Other Departments

Animal Shelter/K9
Provides safe shelter for homeless dogs with the hope of adoption




Area Agency on Aging


Child Care Information Services


Children & Youth


Communications Center


Correctional Facility


County Administrator
Serves as the chief operating official of Carbon County and is responsible for all county departments, including the County Commissionsí office staff, but excluding the offices of elected officials.


Economic Development




Emergency Management
Plans and directs emergency procedures from natural disasters.


Fiscal Data Processing


Geographical Information Systems/Mapping
Maintains the Countywide GIS system.


Human Resources
Responsible for payroll, benefits, and all human resources requirements for employees.


Information Technology
Oversees and manages all technological requirements and non-court computer networks within the County


Manages and maintains the buildings and grounds owned by Carbon County.


Parks and Recreation
Manages outdoor recreational areas in Carbon County.


Penn State Co-Op Extension
Disseminates research based, practical information concerning horticulture, composting, nutrition, food safety, money management, livestock, agriculture, parenting and 4-H.


Planning & Development
Handles land use planning and zoning.


Public Defender


Provides centralized purchasing of goods and services for county departments.


Recycling - Also See Solid Waste


Solid Waste
Responsible for natural resources management including solid waste management, recycling and waste reduction, related education and reporting.


Tax Assessment
Maintains assessment rolls  Ad Valorem Taxation


Tax Claim


Veterans Affairs
Assistance to military veterans living in Carbon County.




Workforce Training 570- 325-2701

Additional Locations & Agencies

Carbon County Courts.


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